About Us

Primea Systems Oy (Ltd.) is a small and agile software company founded in 2007. Our services are primarily focused on providing expert services and long-term software development services for industrial environments. Our promise is commitment to create value for our customers.

Management team

Jouko Mäkelä

CEO, Partner, M.SC.(Tech)

Industrial control software development, project management

David Hästbacka

Senior Consultant, Partner, D.Sc.(Tech)

Industrial informatics, system architecture, system integration, project management

Acquiring our services

Our services are offered as hourly billable expert services, on a contractual basis for longer commitments, or as partnership in joint ventures.

Services by the hour

  • Fast acquisition of specialist services
  • Flexibility in extent of services

Long-term contractual services

  • Long-term commitment
  • Long-term value

Joint venture partnership

  • Leveraging a broader scope
  • Shared risk, shared reward